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Serving the area of Palette, Ripple, Jessop and Waseosa Lakes for more than 50 years

2017 Corn Roast


Annual LWRA


Saturday, September 2nd, 12pm to 4pm (Saturday of Labour Day Weekend)

Where:  The West Residence. 1346 South Waseosa Lake Road, on the west shore in the southern half of Lake Waseosa (see map below) - use South Waseosa Lake Road.

This is a great opportunity to meet your neighbours and the members of the board of the association.

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Final Fish Netting Report for Lake Waseosa

Members will recall that the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry conducted a fish netting survey in August 2015, to evaluate the state of our fish populations. We published a brief initial summary of their findings last fall, in advance of their final report. The full report has now been produced, and is attached. 

Submitted by A and B on Thu, 21/04/2016 - 09:31

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Lake Plan submitted to the Town as part of Official Plan Review

The lake plan for lakes Waseosa, Jessop, Ripple and Palette has been submitted to the Town of Huntsville as part of its Official Plan (OP) review. A Lake Plan is a document that can be incorporated into the OP, where it then provides additional guidance on land use direction. Such plans are "intended to identify, reflect and respond to the character and physical capabilities of particular lakes". Currently, lakes Vernon, Mary, Peninsula, Fairy and Menominee have approved lake plans.

Submitted by A and B on Wed, 20/01/2016 - 17:50

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Lake Etiquette

Welcome to the lake!! How lucky you are to spend time on Waseosa, Pallet, Ripple or Jingo Lake.

We know you want to be a good neighbour and an active protector of our special environment.

To do this there are a few simple things you must know:


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Surviving Bear Encounters

We live in bear country and sometimes we get to meet them nose-to-snout. Reports of encounters are becoming more common in this area. What to do if you encounter a bear?

contact your local police force or dial 911

TO REPORT BEAR PROBLEMS: contact the Bear Reporting Line at:
1-866-514-2327   (TTY) 705 945-7641

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